Gas Safety Certificates

Gas Safety Certificates / CP12

Unfortunately, people die each year due to carbon monoxide poisoning because of faulty gas appliances that have not been maintained or installed properly.

So, whether you’re the tenant or the landlord – Harwood Heating Services are the perfect partner to ensure all these regulations are met and the property is being made safe as required by law. We will carry out all necessary gas safety checks including pipework for gas tightness, required ventilation, flue flow testing, burner pressure, cooker appliance testing and issue the landlords CP12 certificate. This is a legal requirement by the landlords for any tenanted property. If you let a property, you must;

Make sure that all flues / chimneys, pipework and appliances are kept in a safe condition.
Get a gas safety check every 12 months, carried out by a Gas Safe engineer.
Give a copy of the gas certificate to the tenant and keep your own copy.
Demonstrate how to turn off the gas supply to your tenant in case of a gas leak.

We carry out hundreds of gas safety inspections every year for both domestic and commercial customers. We can arrange a convenient appointment direct with your tenant if required, then electronically email all relevant paperwork and certificates to the landlord or letting agency. We also send out annual reminders by email, text or post to landlords and letting agencies.

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